Managing Healthcare Facilities

Maintaining the required hygiene patterns in healthcare cleaning services definitely requires a lot of attention. The amount of germs, bacteria and viruses that can grow rapidly in environments such as hospitals, clinics, outpatient centers, medical office buildings, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities is of immense importance. That’s why you must have extra care and expertise when it comes to sanitizing and cleaning healthcare facilities.

Hospitals should be places where patients actually feel at ease, along with visitors and relatives, especially for uneventful moments. VMG is well versed in HIPAA regulations to ensure the utmost in patient privacy, security, and protection for healthcare facilities. We use all of the tools available at our disposal and the assistance of expert crew-members to achieve the sanitation and safety patterns that these types of facilities must operate in. VMG has deep experience in healthcare facility management with:

  1. A Full range of services from medical room cleaning to facility maintenance services.
  2. Serve Healthcare Facilities across the Nation
  3. Critical Environment Cleaning with dedicated COVID-19 Cleaning Services
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Healthcare Facilities And VMG Management Solutions

VMG has been known as a trusted partner through relationships with healthcare facilities Nationwide. They put their trust in us and we deliver results through provided services and healthcare facility management solutions. Below are some of the facilities and services we focus on.

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Hospital Janitorial Services

Our medical facility cleaning services cover multiple types of hospitals such as large hospital general-purpose campuses, specialty centers, urgent care, teaching hospitals, acute care facilities, long-term hospitals, community hospitals, research hospitals and other trauma style facilities. VMG balances infrastructure and individual service needs, with operational requirements for any healthcare facility. We help hospital providers with

  • Compliance & Regulations
  • Facility Operations & Spending Reduction Plans
  • Specialized Cleaning & Facility Programs

Specialty Clinics And Primary Care Offices

We offer healthcare housekeeping & facility services for specialty clinics like cardiology, gastroenterology, gynecology, orthopedics and several others. When we meet with healthcare clients we ensure the program we develop covers any critical environments with Specialty Protocols like care in handling and disposing Hazardous Wastes. VMG also partners with many national or multi-location primary care and healthcare centers for commercial cleaning and facility needs. We are always open to discuss how new healthcare facilities can benefit with our plan over others.

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Senior Care Facilities

Senior Care Facility Cleaning is often left out of some corporate cleaning competitors' portfolios, but at VMG we treat everyone equally and empower each type of facility executives to focus on results where it matters most, and especially with our Seniors. We have offerings for retirement communities campuses, nursing home facilities, and other senior care facilities nationwide.

Advanced Healthcare Programs & Solutions

We start with a full assessment from top to bottom of your current program and evaluate what your best options are in improving overall doctor / patient satisfaction and safety. All housekeeping measures will be reviewed to ensure regulatory compliance and to establish best practices for other facility services such as landscaping, handyman services, or general facility repairs.

VMG Healthcare Cleaning & Facility Services

  • Hospital Janitorial & Housekeeping Services
  • Facility Health & COVID 19 Response
  • General Maintenance & Operations Support
  • Specialty & Trade Services
  • Exterior/Supplemental Facility Services
  • Hazard Waste Containment
  • Operating & Examination Room Cleaning
  • Specialty Protocols
  • Consumable Management
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Customized Programs With #1 Customer Satisfaction

Health care facilities are extremely important businesses that operate around the clock every single day of the week. It’s a clockwork in which the parts have to be well polished and in the right place, allowing everything to move forward without any sort of hiccups. VMG has all the proper solutions and expertise that will enable that to happen for your business specifically. Reach out and we will send a representative to discuss any needs further.

Cost Control & Key Program Healthcare Facility Elements

Through VMG efficient facility management & housekeeping practices, hospital executives can control costs and always be on top of constantly changing regulations and requirements. Regardless of the facility type, the main key program elements for effective healthcare cleaning programs are

  • Top Organization/Administration
  • Proper Staffing and Training
  • Strict Policies and Procedures
  • Monitoring, Feedback and Audits

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